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Compliance Policy

Educational Vantage is committed to the supply of product that is safe for its intended use and user and to meeting its obligations in this regard under Australian and New Zealand law. In any other market in which the product is sold EV will work with the distributor/customer to meet local requirements.

Educational Vantage will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its products comply with any applicable regulations and Standards.

The Product Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy and for developing and maintaining supporting processes. The incumbent will maintain his or her training appropriately in order to manage the company’s product compliance processes. Affected staff will also be trained as necessary in order to meet their obligations under those processes.
Michael Young is the Product Compliance Officer for Educational Vantage.

All management and staff of Educational Vantage are required to adhere to these processes and report any situations that may put the company at risk of non-compliance. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action potentially including dismissal.

Documents maintained under this policy are as follows:

  • Product Compliance Process
    • Details steps taken to ensure that all products comply with applicable regulations and Standards
  • Complaints and Mandatory Reporting Process
    • Details the management and recording of product related complaints received by the company.
    • Details the process for the evaluation and reporting of injury incidents in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Recall Process
    • Details the steps required to remove non compliant products from the market