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Educational Colours has been supplying us for decades with exceptional service from all departments! The products are durable and withstand the use of preschoolers and school children. The quality is outstanding as we do not get complaints from parents about EC’s paints as they DO come out in the wash!
Romana (NSW)

“Whether we ask for (a) product, order or technical support, and we have high expectations of our suppliers in all of these areas, the staff at Educational Colours go well above what they have to do to make our business better. We don’t get excuses, we really do get results.  We continue to add Educational Colours products to our range each year because we know they consistently hold the stock we need and produce the highest level of service standards.”
Jim (QLD)

“We have loved using our Giotto crayons more than any other crayon on the market… Believe me, we’ve bought them all!! The colour is amazing and there is no smudging! Thank you for giving us such a great product!”
Sarah Monahan, Mother to Isabelle (4) and Amelia (2)

Car drawn with Lyra Pencils
Drawn using Lyra Pencils by Con Petropoulos of Noah’s Art Quality Art Supplies, Holden Hill SA