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Educational Colours was established in 1980 specialising in the manufacture of educational paint and glues. Today we are Australia’s largest educational paint manufacturer and can be found in 96% of primary schools.

Our products are sold into 28 countries and we are the largest exporter of educational paint to Singapore and South Korea.

Educational Vantage is privately owned and currently employs 35 staff. Our Head Office and Warehouse is located in Melbourne, Australia on 6000 sqm. We have a showroom in Collingwood, Melbourne.

In 2014 Learning Can Be Fun (started 1986) was added to the group portfolio and in February 2014 we took ownership of Gillian Miles, the number one poster and placemat brand in Australia.

During that time, we renamed the business of Educational Colours to Educational Vantage. The name change reflected the growing number of businesses under the one rooftop!

Educational Vantage can be found in over 3500 stores in Australia and the team speaks to over 150 customers a day!

Our vision

To be Australasia’s finest producer of children’s educational products known for the highest level of client advocacy, satisfaction, quality and reliability.

Our mission

Our Mission is to:

Provide high quality and trusted educational products to School suppliers and retailers in Australia.

Be the first choice for art and craft in classrooms and homes.

Test every product to exacting standards and have that documentation readily available.

Innovate and manufacture new exciting products.

Design new products to inspire, encourage and create this generation of young minds!

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